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The Science & Biosecurity

EndoSan disinfectants active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide stabilized by ionic silver.
It is a powerful, highly effective, rigorously tested, broad-spectrum disinfectant that is suitable for surface, water and air disinfection. EndoSan disinfects through an oxidation process, destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, yeast and microorganisms. It is 100% biodegradable, degrading into water and air without leaving any harmful residue or disinfection by-products (DBPs). No rinsing required!
EndoSan disinfectant is colorless, odorless and tasteless and can be diluted in drinking water.

How does EndoSan work?

A typical bacterium naturally emits a negative charge, which attracts EndoSan to it. EndoSan disinfectant penetrates the catalase protein cloud that the bacterium releases to protect itself, unlike other disinfectants which are repelled by this protective mechanism.
In catalase producing bacterium the presence of EndoSan inhibits the production of catalase, allowing the powerful free hydroxyl radicals to attack the cell membrane and enter the bacterium to destroy it from within.
Once these free hydroxyl radicals penetrate the membrane and destroy the bacterium it no longer emits a negative charge, allowing the hydroxyl radicals to move on to the next bacterium to repeat the process. The bacterium is destroyed giving it no chance to resist or replicate itself.
And here’s the really clever bit – any unused hydrogen peroxide in the disinfectant is re-energized by the ionic silver, over and over again, until it’s all used up. This not only means that it continues working long after it’s been applied, giving ongoing protection, but it also means none of the active ingredient is wasted.

What is biosecurity?

Bio-security is a routine of simple measures designed to minimize disease causing pathogens from entering or leaving areas where they can pose a risk to animals or humans.
Bio-security is an essential part of maintaining your animal’s health and protecting the profitability of your business. It is advisable to have your bio-security plan written down and ensure all partners and employees are aware of it. Your plan should be reviewed at least once a year and updated to ensure it’s based on your current business model. Make sure any new staff are aware of the procedures you have in place.

Biosecurity plans

At Ag+ we can help you put a bio-security plan in place and advise you on how best to quarantine in case of an outbreak. To be able to do this effectively we would need to carry out a site visit to assess the layout and identify any additional issues. Our aim is to advise, help and support you both in producing bio-security plans and if an outbreak were to occur.
Both the FEI and the BHS have useful guidance on bio-security and quarantining, which we’ve linked for you below.

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