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EndoSan 20 Concentrate Multi-Purpose Disinfectant

A highly effective, rigorously tested bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebicide disinfectant.

About EndoSan 20 Multi-purpose Disinfectant Concentrate

Dilute EndoSan 20 concentrate 1:6, 1 part EndoSan 20  to 6 parts water.

EndoSan 20 multi-purpose disinfectant concentrate is:

  • DEFRA Approved
  • Veterinary Grade
  • Tested by the Irish Equine Center
  • Licensed for use as a surface, water and air disinfectant
  • Organic Compliant
  • Biodegradable
  • Odorless
  • Colorless 
  • Tasteless

A highly effective, rigorously tested disinfectant leaving no residue behind, it doesn’t need rinsing, it doesn’t stain and isn’t corrosive.

The used hydrogen peroxide biodegrades to oxygen and water, making it very environmentally friendly. 

In recent testing at The Irish Equine Center, EndoSan disinfectant achieved a high log 7 kill rate and works in the presence of high levels of organic matter.

Application and Instructions for Use

  • Building/Stable Disinfection – spray and leave
  • Horse boxes and trailers – spray and leave
  • Bridle dip buckets – dilute 1:3 dip and leave
  • Shared girths – spray allow the fizzing to stop then wipe away the grease from the girth
  • Riders boots – spray allow the fizzing to stop then wipe away the grease from the boots
  • Clippers – take the blades apart, spray, allow the fizzing to stop then wipe and re oil. Don’t forget to spray and wipe the electrical cord and the extension lead
  • Buckets and yard equipment – wash in diluted EndoSan or spray and leave
  • Boot dip buckets 
  • Popped in the washing machine with numnahs, rugs, work clothes etc – 300ml (kitchen mug full) in the machine drawer
  • Grooming kits and brushes – allow to soak for 15-20 mins
  • Used through Fogging or Misting Equipment – follow instructions for the machine
  • Suitable for use in pressure washers, EndoSan 20 can be used neat through a pressure washer – follow instructions for the machine
  • Fogging machines – follow instructions for the machine
  • Knapsack Sprayers – follow instructions for machine

No Rinsing or Wiping

Generally, no rinsing or wiping is required, except for riders’ boots, girths and clippers, because the oxygenating effect of EndoSan disinfectant, will lift grease to the surface, so it will need wiping away in these instances.

Safe Disposal

To Dilute EndoSan 20, wear gloves and goggles, if splashed on skin or in eyes wash in clean water.

Diluted product can be washed down the drains. Aquatic safe. Packaging is recyclable, rinse packaging before disposal. Do not re-purpose empty containers. Dispose of safely according to national/local guidelines.

Anybody interested in our yard disinfection service, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We are also available for help and advice at any time, particularly if you have an outbreak of any sort. We can help with quarantine procedures and are also available to do Bio-security plans so that in the event of an outbreak you have a plan in place to deal with the situation.