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We provide a comprehensive disinfection service for a wide range of equestrian businesses using a high-pressure vapor machine. This is a cost-effective service that helps to keep your yard’s pathogen level to a minimum, promoting the health and well-being of your animals. 

We provide a regular monthly service for busy training yards, competition yards, sales livery yards and studs. As well as bi-monthly, quarterly and annual visits for smaller yards and private yards. 

We also offer a pre-event disinfection service to competition centers and events with event stabling, to disinfect the boxes, prior to competitors arrival. 

We provide a disinfecting service for infectious diseases outbreaks.



EndoSan is a multi-purpose disinfectant with the active ingredient stabilised hydrogen peroxide. EndoSan broad spectrum disinfectant is:

  • DEFRA approved.
  • Veterinary grade.
  • Tested by the Irish Equine Center
  • Organic compliant.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Works in the presence of organic matter.
  • Colorless.
  • Odorless.
  • Tasteless.

This highly effective and rigorously tested disinfectant leaves no harmful residue behind; it doesn’t need rinsing, it doesn’t stain and it isn’t corrosive.

Endosan Disinfectant meets FEI guidelines and does not contain any prohibited substances. 

Suitable for Surface, Air and Water Disinfection

The used hydrogen peroxide degrades in oxygen and water, making it very environmentally friendly. EndoSan disinfectant achieves a log 5 kill a highly effective broad spectrum disinfectant that work sin the presence of high levels of organic matter.
EndoSan is suitable for surface, air and water disinfection in all areas, including:

  • Stables.
  • Feed rooms.
  • Tack room.
  • Staff room.
  • Horse walkers.
  • Horse boxes.
  • Washing machines.
  • Bridle dip buckets.
  • Boot dip buckets.
  • Tack cleaning.
  • Rugs.
  • Boots.
  • Girths.
  • Riders’ boots.
  • Clippers.
  • Buckets.
  • Brushes.
  • Temporary show stables.

EndoSan 3 is our ready-to-use disinfectant, suitable for all surface, air and water disinfection, and EndoSan 20 is our concentrate and should be diluted, see dilution rate calculator

The fizzing action when our EndoSan stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant is applied to surfaces, isn’t just mesmerizing, it’s a sign something incredible is happening! As it decomposes into water and oxygen, it releases powerful reactive oxygen species, like hydroxyl radicals.These little warriors target and neutralize pathogens on surfaces, from bacteria to viruses etc. Ensuring a thorough and effective disinfection process.

 You can see this in action in the image. 

Here are just some examples of how you can use both EndoSan 3 and 20 in your equine business:

  • Use in our hand-held pump spray bottles to disinfect stables and horse boxes between the changeover of horses, when away at shows and as part of your routine management. Use it to disinfect your horse walker on a regular basis. Spray directly onto bits, girths, clippers and rider’s boots.
  • For disinfecting buckets, tack, bits and girths on a regular basis. 
  • EndoSan is also licensed to use as a hoof disinfectant – and our handy 500ml EndoSan 3 spray bottle is the perfect applicator.
  • EndoSan 20 can be used straight through a pressure washer, to disinfect stables, horseboxes etc. First, pressure wash your stable or horse box, then turn your pressure washer onto a low pressure setting and use our EndoSan 20 disinfectant as a final rinse.
  • You can also use EndoSan disinfectant as a water treatment, to prevent your troughs going green and slimy. More information on that below…

Banish Green and Slimy Water Troughs!

Why do your water troughs go green? It happens because slimy layers of microorganisms known as biofilms build up on wet surfaces. These microorganisms then create the right environment for algae growth, turning your tank green in no time at all. 

Biofilms and algae are toxic to animals and can cause colic and diarrhoea. It also makes the water less palatable to drink, reducing their intake of water and risking dehydration and impaction.

Water treatment with EndoSan disinfectant:

  • Removes and reduces the build-up of biofilm and algae.
  • Re-oxygenates the water.
  • Removes the smell and taste of chlorine in your water troughs.
  • Is organic, biodegradable and leaves no harmful by-products.
  • Minimizes the spread of diseases from animal-to-animal via the water source.
  • Is safe to tip away in its diluted form.
  • Saves time and reduces your workload.

Dosage Calculator

Head to the button below to view the dosage calculator for EndoSan. 

How to calculate the volume of your trough:

Volume = length x width x height, (in cm) divide your answer by 1000 to get the volume in litres!

Instructions for use:

  • Clean your trough.
  • For optimum results, spray your trough with Endosan 3 and leave for an hour.
  • Refill your trough.
  • Add EndoSan disinfectant as a water treatment.
  • Use our test strips to check the EndoSan level in the water, firstly when you’ve added EndoSan and then again every 2 hours until the level stabilises. We would expect to see the hydrogen peroxide level fall as the EndoSan disinfectant does its job.
  • The level of EndoSan in the water should sit at 30 parts per million. This is easy to see as the strip will change colour and you can match it to the chart on the side of the test strip container.
  • On average, re-test the trough with our test strips every week, aiming to keep the hydrogen peroxide level to 30 ppm, then re-treat the trough as necessary.
How often you add the water treatment will depend on the number of animals drinking from the trough and the weather – the hotter it is, the more it will need doing and whether your trough is in direct sunlight or shade will impact how quickly algae grows. Using our test strips will help you maintain the right level of EndoSan in your water trough.

EndoSan is suitable for use in all types of troughs, water containers and watering systems, including the water tank in your horse box. Water that has been treated is completely safe for your horses to drink at the recommended dosage.

Anybody interested in a yard treatment we will come out to demonstrate the machine and discuss your requirements.

We are also available for help and advice at any time, particularly if you have an outbreak of any sort. We can help with quarantine procedures and are also available to do Bio-security plans so that in the event of an outbreak you have a plan in place to deal with the situation.