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Farms are under increased pressure to improve productivity, promote sustainability and prioritize animal welfare, all whilst reducing antibiotic use and offering affordable prices to consumers, wholesalers and supermarkets. Bio-security has never been more important, as it helps to ensure farmers can focus on their day-to-day pressures without worrying about disease transmission and outbreaks.
Illness and disease will reduce the production efficiency of your livestock, but by putting a bio-security program in place, you will reduce the risk of a disease outbreak, not just from animal to animal but also from animals to humans (Zoonotic).

EndoSan disinfectant and water treatment will help keep the pathogen load in your livestock housing and farm equipment to a minimum, promoting the health of your stock and reducing the impact on the environment.
Although water is a crucial resource for profitable livestock production, the quality of this water is often overlooked. Biofilm and microbiological contamination of livestock drinking water has a negative impact on animal health and can reduce reproductive performance. In order to enhance productivity, it is important to optimize the clean water available for livestock.
EndoSan is 100% biodegradable and breaks down to water and air! It is safe to wash down your drains in it’s diluted form.

EndoSan disinfectant can be put through the pressure washer as a final rinse, but our high-pressure vapour machines will reach higher and more into the roof space than a pressure washer can. This treatment can be done annually when cows go out for the summer and the buildings are cleaned out and pressure washed. If grain is then to be stored in these buildings in the summer, Endosan disinfectant will help combat mold and mildew.

In calf cows are often bedded on straw to calve, this increases the risk of mastitis. EndoSan disinfectant can be sprayed or wiped on to the udder, or used in cluster cleaners, no rinsing required. EndoSan disinfectant can be sprayed directly onto the bedding and walls of the building with our high-pressure vapor machine, EndoSan disinfectant works in the presence of organic matter. It could also be used in a knapsack sprayer, but being careful not to get bedding too wet. When these pens are cleaned out between calving groups but not washed, Endosan can be sprayed on the floor before the new bedding is added.

Endosan disinfectant can also be used to disinfect calf houses/hutches after each calf, and to disinfect the buckets and the calf/lamb self-feeding systems and teats.

Further reducing the risk of pneumonia and the pathogens that cause the scours.

The milk tank is washed out after each collection, but the common farm disinfectants require the tank to be rinsed in cold and then hot water at 80 degrees. This is not the case with EndoSan disinfectant, the tank can be rinsed with Endosan disinfectant, with no further rinsing required! Saving time and money heating water. Endosan disinfectant will also prevent the build-up of limescale. 

For those parlors using header tanks to wash the parlour down with, Endosan disinfectant can be used either directly in the header tank, or by adding a constant dosing system, to do it for you. This will prevent the build-up of biofilms and total Coliforms and pathogens such as E Coli and Salmonella. When this water is used to wash down the parlor, it will treat the pathogens in the parlor and help with the dermatitis that affects cow’s feet which is spread readily on floors from cow to cow.

EndoSan disinfectant can be used in foot baths, foot baths quickly become dirty and contaminated by faeces, but because EndoSan works in the presence of organic matter, it out performs other disinfectants.

If you have a farm shop or milk dispensing machine, then EndoSan disinfectant can be used to spray surfaces, to disinfect the machines and to rinse out the pipes in coffee and milkshake machines and to sterilize milk bottles. Again, no rinsing required. EndoSan is a food safe disinfectant.

On Farm benefits

  • Lower mortality rate.
  • Improved animal health.
    Reduced antibiotic usage.
  • Increased weight gain.
  • Drier litter and reduction in scour.
  • Hoof disinfectant for foot baths.
  • Increased water consumption.
  • Optimised delivery of water-soluble products.
  • Contains no chlorine.
  • Compatible with acids.
  • Unblocks and keeps drinkers clear.
  • Safe to use around livestock in it’s diluted form.
  • Safe to use around birds in it’s diluted form.
  • Healthier birds.
  • DEFRA approved disinfectant.
  • Veterinary grade.
  • Halal certificated.

EndoSan disinfectant is suitable for use in/on:

  • Milking parlors.
  • Calf pens.
  • Lambing sheds.
  • Piggeries.
  • Game bird pens.
  • Chicken sheds.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Grain stores.
  • Building disinfection.
  • Transport disinfection.
  • Fogging or misting equipment.
  • Washing machines used for workwear.
  • Boot dips.
  • Wheel washes.
  • Knapsack sprayers.
  • Pressure washers.

Bacteria Animal & Veterinary

  • BS EN 1656 – Bacteria Teat Disinfection
  • BS EN 1656 – Bacteria Hoof Disinfection
  • BS EN 1657 – Bacteria Teat Disinfection
  • BS EN 1657 – Bacteria Hoof Disinfection
  • BS EN 1650 – Fungicidal All Applications
  • BS EN 1276 – Bacteria All Applications
  • BS EN 13697 – Bacterial/Fungicidal Surface Tests All Applications
  • BS EN 14476 – Medical Enveloped Viruses
  • BS EN 13727 – Medical Disinfectant and Antiseptic
  • BS EN 14348 – Mycobacterial Instrument disinfectant

EndoSan is an easy-to-use, fast-acting disinfectant, with up to 99.999% efficacy and one of the few that works in the presence of organic matter!

Anybody interested in our yard disinfection service, please get in touch. We will come out to demonstrate the machine and discuss your requirements.

We are also available for help and advice at any time, particularly if you have an outbreak of any sort. We can help with quarantine procedures and are also available to do Bio-security plans so that in the event of an outbreak you have a plan in place to deal with the situation.