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Horsebox Water Tank Treatment

Horse box water tanks – any container holding water will contain bio film and pathogens. making it unpalatable and unsafe to drink, unless it’s treated.

Horse box water can be drained, but it is impossible to get all of the residual water out of the tank, because often the drain plug isn’t at the bottom of the tank.

You can’t get into the tanks to clean them as they are sealed units, built into the body of the horsebox.

To ensure the water is clean enough for your horses to drink and to make sure it’s safe for you to drink and use, in the kitchen and shower. We need to treat it with EndoSan water treatment. Starting with a shock dose treatment to eliminate existing bio film and pathogens. The tank needs to be shock dose treated once a year and then kept at maintenance levels.

Instructions for use:

  • Empty the tank
  • Refill the tank and add EndoSan Water treatment as its refilling so it mixes well
  • Using a shock treatment dose (see EndoSan calculator)
  • The ppm (parts per million) for a shock dose should be 2000, this is the amount of EndoSan water treatment in the water.
  • Leave the cap off the water tank to allow it to vent
  • Use our test strips to check that the ppm is at the right level once you have dosed the tank.
  • Leave for 8 hrs, to allow the EndoSan water treatment to clean the system, remove the pathogens and the biofilm build up.
  • During this 8 hr period test the tank every 2 hrs with our test strips, the EndoSan water treatment levels will drop as it treats the water, so it may need topping up to maintain the 2000ppm shock treatment level.
  • You also need to pull the shock treated water, through the pipes in the kitchen, the horse shower or external water tap and the shower in the living. To allow the shock dose to sit in these pipes to treat them.
  • After 8 hrs, drain the tank, refill, flush through the kitchen taps, shower and Horse shower or external tap.
  • Drain one last time and refill.
  • Now test this fresh water to see what the ppm levels are as there will have been some residue left in the tank.
  • This will tell you how much you need to add to keep a maintenance dose in the water.
  • The maintenance dose should sit between 30-50ppm but is completely safe for you and your horse to drink up to 100ppm.
  • To maintain the level, every time you add water to the tank, test the water with a test strip, before adding the water and after adding the water so that you know how much more needs adding (use the EndoSan dosage calculator)

This will leave your water clean, pathogen and bio film free, oxygenated and remove the chlorine taste and smell, making the water much more palatable to drink for you and your horse!

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